Highlight VidSnippet clips from all three Presidential debates

This is website was set up to provide quick references to some of the more interesting comments and statements made during the three U.S. Presidential debates during 2016.

Given the importance of their positions and the attention that this election is receiving, we thought this might provide a useful reference for those following the campaign.

This site has been set up by VidSnippets Incorporated, without any encouragement, funding or financial support from any party or organization involved in the American Presidential election campaign. There is no intention to endorse one candidate or party over the other.
The segments chosen for the highlight clips have been selected by our staff for information and entertainment purposes only. They contain some of the “sharper” pokes and jabs exchanged during each debate.

The source video was downloaded from the internet and is believed to be a complete recording of the event. However, we do not warranty that the source video is complete.

How the functionality on the site works:
Linked highlight clips and full source video from each debate will be presented under a heading tab.
There is a separate highlight clip for each of the thumbnails on the page.
Viewers can trigger playback of the highlight clip by hovering over the related thumbnail image.
Viewers can access the full source video by clicking on the related thumbnail image of highlight clip. Note that the segments links have been retained, allowing the viewer to jump to that point in the source video when they click during highlight clip playback.

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